How To Build Your Own Lego Titanic

Has it ever crossed your mind that it is even possible for legos to be created into magnificent works of art other than those simple and uncomplicated patterns that even five year olds can make without difficulty?  If yes, well you are absolutely right! With a creative mind and with loads of imagination, it is indeed possible for you to make more complicated designs such as doll houses, truck or ship replicas. Lego lovers are now facing such challenges after pictures and videos of a lego Titanic emerged into the media. Many have become instant fans of such creative project and some were also inspired to build their own lego Titanic model and prove to themselves that they can do it too.

Lego Titanic

It is undeniable that among cases of sea tragedies, it was the Titanic which really captured the people’s attention and up to now, there continues to be a great demand for any kind of information related to the ill-fated luxury liner. Before it embarked on its voyage, passengers were nothing but happy and proud to have been given the chance to sail on a mighty ship and take part into something which at that time would be a major leap in terms of technological advancements. Little did they know that their happiness will be cut short even before reaching their destination as the Titanic crashes into an iceberg and sinks into the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, claiming hundreds of lives. The tragedy quickly shifted happiness into terrible pain and grief. It actually came out as a shock for almost everyone at that time since the ship claims to be unsinkable and too mighty that it can withstand all situations. Sadly, the day the Titanic sank proved to the whole world that it was actually not what it claimed to be. Despite the sadness and sorrow that comes with Titanic’s history, it’s memory continues to live on in the pages of books and historical records, making the ship and the passengers immortalized. The ship never really fails to draw the interest and curiosity out of someone and with that, many are challenged to build a replica of the ship with the use of legos. Being able to build a lego Titanic despite the complexity of the ship’s design will automatically be recognized as a great achievement for it is something which is never easy to accomplish in the first place.

Now, how can you build your own lego Titanic? Obviously, it would of course need hundreds to thousands of lego pieces. Since Lego has not come out with a detailed set of instructions on how to make one nor a complete lego set that can be assembled into a Titanic ship miniature, you can print a picture of the ship and start building according to the details in the picture. It would require you to endure hundreds of painstaking hours and great amounts of patience, optimism, creativity and imagination in order to successfully build one. Getting inspiration and immersing yourself in the project will help you remain focused. If ever you get to finish your lego Titanic, never hesitate to show it to everyone. Who knows, you might inspire others to do the same thing too.


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